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  1. This happening right now. 

    ….. because race car/ 

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    If you like Formula 1 you need to watch this video

    bring back the noise 

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  5. For the last 3 weeks Phouc and I have been attending a basic tig welding course at Tafe, Phouc having a background in panel beating is blitzing through it. Having no experience in welding, I’ve taken the slow and steady wins the race approach, like they say perfect practice makes perfect welds. I now understand why it’s so expensive to get anything tig welded, eg lobster tail. It takes so god damn long to do it. 

    Just this little weld took me all night, and it ‘just’ passed.

    Job: Perform a fillet weld on 3mm mild steel with 2.4mm filler wire. 

  6. 11000rpm:

    Once in a while I get out and take photos.

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  7. Drifter. 

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  8. APP braided Brake lines acquired for the S14 Brembo Brake upgrade

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  10. Getting the engine started wasn’t too hard. Going through it logically, we figured it was a timing issue, setting the base timing to 10degrees BTDC the engine fired and its was high five all round. 

    Simon was in charge of the camera work and making sure to capture everything that was going on.. why? I’m not entirely sure but after he seeing the video, I’m glad he did… LOL its so cool and intense… ahahahah its so good. 

    80s Intial D synth pop kicks ass 

  11. Every Sunday I try and not do anything car related, surrounded by car stuff six days a week its nice to get away from it all, but somehow I end up with my guys getting my hands dirty.

    This particular Sunday was no different. I woke up, got dressed and went on the hunt for coffee and food, only to return home to find the boys wrenching away on Ray’s AE86 Coupe in the garage. I followed suit and put on my work jeans and got stuck into.   

    For about a month now, in a group effort, the guys have come over every Sunday for a couple hours tinkering away to get the car running. The last time I posted something up of Ray’s AE86, it had a blown head gasket. Since then the old engine has been taken out and a rebuilt high-comp smallport 4age has taken its place. While the new cam covers are getting cleaned and painted, we used a set of clean-ish covers we found lying around the garage, everything else is new from the bottom up including a nice set of HKS camshafts and a Toda lightweight flywheel.   

    The engine is still in its run-in stage, however it already feels a million times better than last one. Its revvy, crisp and has nice down low torque. Once engine has some kilometers/ miles on it, Ray is going to have a go at dialling in the cams and seeing what kind power it can make. 

    There’s still a heap of work to do, like getting a new exhaust, plumbing the oil cooler, installing an alloy rad and this list goes on. For the moment its a job well done, we’re all pretty chuffed to see another AE86 alive and kicking.  

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    k swapped 86 on longchamps

    its actually an f20c out of a S2000

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  13. Friday Chubbs… Pulsar GTIR pocket rocket, mini Godzilla  

    These are becoming rare, so getting the chance to fit a set of wheels on one was a nice privilege. Wheel specs are 15x8 +32, 4x100 , 225/45/15. 

  14.  77 Chevy Nova


  15. kentohhh said: Hey are you currently in Japan right now? I'm near the chikuba circuit track and trying to find some spots where I can watch some guys running on the street, maybe some mountain passes. Do you know of any places?

    hey man, I wish bro. Lucky you! I suspect you’ll only be able to find what your after by trying to meet some locals… as most of it is very underground. You’re either in or out… good luck. Let us know how you go.