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  2. A sea of flags… 

    I got to sit shot gun and play navigator today with Nick attending his first gymkhana. IT’S a lot harder than it seems; smooth, fluid and precise has never been so true. LOL,We got lost the first round; all I saw was a vomit of flags. Pulling into the pits we looked over through the course layouts, and did some pretend driving; looking more like a drunk dudes walking around the pits, it helped. We knocked off a couple of seconds off our PB and looked less like noobs. 

    The best thing about the day was how cheap it was and the mechanical sympathy it had on the car, oh and the minimal preparation required- zero. I could have easily paid the entry fee, signed the forms and went out with my car, but as Phuoc said “lets not forget why we’re here”…  

    This might be the new cheap alternative to track days while I wait for my brakes.

    ps. I have never seen so many fwd tripods in my life…

  3. 90s-forever:


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  4. RS05RR 

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  6. S14 KW V3 + Cusco camber tops i had lying around. 

    Verdict: at the very moment It feels like a stock car with sporty suspension… once the car sees the track, ( waiting on Brembos before I go back out) I’ll be able to tell the difference. My biggest concern is how it will cope with semi-slicks, as the other coilovers were too stiff for the semis and too soft for the everyday driving.. being KWs, I have faith.   

  7. downforce 

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  8. Last time the S14 sees the track in stock form. 

    1:10s come at me 

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  9. Jdmyard trackday, Wakefieldpark- 14-07-14 

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  10. I will always be a sucker for red. 

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  11. Red on White 

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  13. They say the best things come in small packages! 

  14. the line up 

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  15. seeing red. 

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