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    Sutton’s bros S15

    The most beautiful TA S15 in the world P E R I O D

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  2. 380sx 

  3. WTAC 2014 done! 

    Suffering from a mechanical failure during our second session of the final day of racing, we netted a personal best & a competitive 1.33.03 lap time. Not knowing what it was capable of, it has surpassed all expectations.

    A Job well done to the JDMYARD team. Thank you to everyone who came pass our garage to wish us luck. Thank you to the massive support and positive response we gotten over the last couple of days. 

  4. Hardrace sponsored Heasman’s S14 doing some last minute testing at Wakefield before WTAC this weekend. 

    "Given the wet conditions and seasoned tyres we were able to clock consistent 1.05 lap times. The consistent times reflect on how well balanced our Nissan S14 and is very inspiring for this weekend’s WORLD TIME ATTACK CHALLENGE. Also to add to our confidence, the car is still at a very “soft” setup, with more dyno-tuning time and adjustments to be made before this weekend.” 

    more here : http://heasmans.com.au/testing-the-wtac-s14-at-wakefield/


  5. an intimate look on JDMYARD’s new WTAC race car

  6. I’ve been hanging to put this up, and now I can. This is JDMYARD’s new Honda Civic EG World Time Attack Race Car. 

    Introducing our brand new World Time Attack Honda Civic EG Race Car. Dont be fooled by the color, this is not EGK24A, BUT a Second EG to join the JDMyard racecar family. 

    For 2014, we have gone back to our EG roots. Our colour choice is a modern take of JDMyard’s classic battle ship grey. A little darker and a lot more horsepower. Aero and body work is all custom, made in house. 

    For its inaugural flight at this years 2014 WTAC, we are hoping to fly the HONDA & FWD flag higher than before amongst all the other entrants ..

    We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. ( You know who you are )

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    '84 Lotus-Renault 95T

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  9. pop up headlight battle. 

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    She’s a ride or die.

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  14. OG. 

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    Tumblr was pretty much made for reblogging black and white photos of Steve McQueen being a badass and I’m sure this has been posted before but I just couldn’t help myself. Look at that car.

    Sex on wheels. Mmmm. Sex. Wheels.